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Goochland Gastronome Society
A club whose mission is to enhance the knowledge of food and wine.

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Announcing Pig Crafters
We're now raising our own heritage hogs right here in Goochland, VA.

Unique to many of the producers we know, our pigs are fed a diet that is supplemented with mash from Richmond’s own Reservoir Bourbon Distillery and nearby Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery. Find out more about our production and availability on Pig Crafter’s Facebook page and website.



We Have Closed Our Retail Store
There are so many customers we will miss seeing on a daily basis, but we're excited to have more family time! From here, we now will be able to optimize our efforts on several segments of our business that have been a huge success. We will continue with the Goochland Gastronome dinners and will be expanding other culinary events and catering.

In addition, we will be putting a huge focus on our farm operation raising heritage breed pork. Look for us in local restaurants and retail operations in Richmond, Charlottesville and the DC area.

Thanks for your patronage for the last 7 1/2 years! It's been great having you as our customers and friends!