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Nadolski's Butcher Shop



'Block Tasting' Saturday, October 17, $25/ticket
Ticket turns into a coupon - It starts at 1pm and lasts until 5

Enjoy a special 'back of the house' wine tasting right on our butcher's block. Suzanne Yates, from The Robins Cellars, will guide you through tastings of 5 Phenomenal Rhone Valley wines while you sample special treats that perfectly compliment these fine wines.

Your ticket turns into a $15 coupon towards any purchase in the shop on the day of the event. You may reserve your ticket by calling, 804-556-4888 or stopping by the shop. Groups of 6 or more should reserve a time.


'Meat for the Week'
For Pick-up on Tuesday's from 3-7pm
'Meat for the Week' is available for pick-up on Tuesday's. Variety changes weekly and quantities are limited. The product mix almost always contains a variety of beef, pork, sausage, chicken and sides. Sign up for our e-newsletter to get the announcement detailing the week's package.


Prepared Meals 
We often offer prepared meals to go Tuesday-Thursday.
Stay up to date on selection by signing up for our newsletter.


Store Hours 
Tuesday - Thursday: 12pm-7pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm



We're Your Butcher!
All our meats and seafood are all hand-cut to order. Want a specialty roast? We do that too!

Our meat has not been subjected to carbon monixide gas to preserve color and has no preservatives or additives commonly found in packaged products at the large supermarket chains.

Please keep in mind our selection does vary daily with seasonal availability. Stop in and see what we have in stock!


House-made Charcuterie
Using only the best ingredients, our house-made offerings which include sausages, bacon, panchetta, and pate's change daily.


Announcing Pig Crafters
We now raising our own heritage hogs right here in Goochland, VA.

Unique to many of the producers we know, our pigs are fed a diet that is supplemented with mash from Richmond’s own Reservoir Bourbon Distillery and nearby Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery. Find out more about our production and availability on Pig Crafter’s Facebook page.






2913 River Road West - Courthouse Village Shopping Center - Goochland, VA - (804) 556-4888

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